Breitling Replica Watches – Superocean Photo Review

Cartier watches have always been pretty popular specially among the stylish high-end people who can easily afford spending over 10k on a watch that they would wear on some occasions, not even the most glamorous ones. This is what I think best describes the world and image that Cartier timepieces put out there.

For the rest of us who will never go out and buy a 10k watch there are replica watches and yes there are some good fake Cartier watches around at an easily affordable price.

Cartier Roadster XL Watch

Cartier Roadster XL Replica Watch

Looking good? Well I pretty much like the looks on this Cartier Roadster Extra Large replica watch. Nicely polished stainless steel, well cloned scratch-proof crystal, chronographs markings are a bit from the original of course but that’s how you breitling replica Breitling Replicas know it’s a replica. These chronos are just for show and I’m really breitling replica Watch puzzled as breitling superocean replica in why don’t they mark them right, it would mean so much more. Case has a good size and weight and it’s housing a Japanese Quartz (Battery) movement which keeps time accurate.

This is a watch a friend of mine got and he’s really happy with it. It’s he’s daily wear since he’s a show off as he would best describe himself b ut I think that this is really not the case here. This is indeed a day watch and even more a daily one. It has a nice Cartier stylish shape which gives you an extra refined look. Crown and side buttons are also well done as well as the bracelet is cloned and looks just like the real deal.

You still ave to be a pretty good dresser to get this watch looking really genuine on you but the good part is that it only ads to your overall looks. If you’re into shiny Cartier watches I really do think that this is a good pick out of many and being a all stainless steel watch it’ll go smooth with a lot of outfits so no worries there.

Enjoy these photos and let me know what you think of the watch.

Cartier Roadster XL Watch Overview

Cartier Roadster XL Watch Side View

Cartier Roadster XL watch backside